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Estate Planning and Internet Sales

We Customize To Meet Your Needs!

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Services Offered

  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Tag Sales / Liquidation
  • Ebay Sales
  • Appraisals

Have a Housefull of Items? Too Much To Handle? Let us Take Care of It!

  • Organization - We organize your house for optimum sale space & security.  Please do not throw anything away (you would be surprised what would be of value to someone else.)
  • Pricing - All items in the sale will be researched and individually priced to receive the best market value. (Over 30+ Years of Experience!)
  • Advertising - Sale will be advertised on this Website, Local Newspaper,,  Craigslist, Facebook, Road Signs, & Fliers (If Needed).  We also have a large customer base that look for our sales on a regular basis.
  • The Tag Sale - Sale will typically range from 1 to 3 days.  Items will be discounted as time moves on to make sure we sell as much as we can.  All sales are recorded and will be reported at client’s request.  We typically have approximately 500 people show up for a sale.  Depending on the size of the house, 10-20 people will be let in at a time for safety & security reasons.
  • Post Tag Sale - We keep on selling!  We still are working to sell things through appointments & internet.  There are several options for the remaining items (Buy Out, Charitable Donations, etc..)

eBay Sales - We also offer to sell items on the internet for individuals wanting to sell just a few things.  Certain items may be pulled from an Estate Sale to put on Ebay if we believe it will sell better.

  • Large or Small Collections
  • Higher-Priced Items
  • Unique Collectibles

Local Moving Services

  • We have a large van & trailor hat enables us to move furniture, personal items, boxes, etc. to another location for the client.  Also, the van allows us to provide a delivery service for our customers for bigger items.

What's Next?

  • Call John To Set Up An Appointment
  • Free Consultation
  • We Cover All Expenses!

John King
Phone:  (336) 299-5920 - Home
Cell: (336) 549-9546 - Cell


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you do for security during the sale?
    We have a specific entrance & exit for each sale along with a controlled amount of people based on space provided.  We also have a large staff that floats around the house providing customer service.
  2. What do I need to do to get ready for the sale?
     Nothing!  Please allow us to decide what can sell and what cannot.  Please Do Not thow anything away.
  3. Can I be present during the sale?
    We prefer the owners of the estate to NOT be present during the sale.
  4. How do you price the items?
    We price the items based on current market value researched online, stores, & 30+ Years of Experience.
  5. How long does it take to do a sale?
    We need at least 2 weeks to get ready for a sale & usually 1 week post sale to finalize.
  6. What do you charge to do a Sale?
    We charge a base expense fee (Labor, Advertising, Travel) + Commission of Gross Sales (after consultation.)
  7. When will I receive a check?
    You will receive settlement within 2 weeks of Sale.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you may have via email or phone.